How long does shipping take?
Shipping estimates can vary depending on product availability. You can see it on a product card. Generally, our products ship within 1-10 business days (Monday-Friday) and deliver in 1-10 business days.

How do the products ship?

The products ship in boxes, usually able to be carried by two or one people.

Can I schedule my shipment?
We are providing a UPS tracking number.

My product arrived damaged, what should I do?
In the unlikely event that your order arrives damaged, please don’t hesitate to email sales@dalihome.miami. Be sure to include a photo of the issue to log in and take steps, so it doesn’t happen again.


Why does Dali Home furniture cost much less than other design furniture?
We’re able to design and manufacture beautiful pieces at our production facilities in Ukraine with incredibly high-quality materials.

How long does it take to setup the furniture?
Once you remove the pieces from the packaging, you can see that our furniture is fully assembled, and you don’t need to waste time & money on it.

What colors of products are possible?
All colors are mentioned in the product card. If you have a custom order, send us email sales@dalihome.miami (make sure you have 10pcs of each product to order)

What are the dimensions of Dali Home products?
All dimensions are mentioned in product cards. 


What does Dali Home do for the environment?
We are trying to save our environment at every step (materials supply, manufacturing, green energy wasting).
We donate one tree for every item we sell.

What does the name Dali come from?
The word Dali was originally taken from the Ukrainian language. The main idea is to put together local natural materials and the best designers all over the world, creating innovative, comfortable, and stylish furniture. From that point, each item is drawn by designers analyzed with two qualified engineers. On the way, all materials are optimized, ergonomics are improved, and hundreds of tests are done.

Dali (ukr.- далі) means  -  movement, aspiration and future, came  as the main idea of ​​our team and every item we are willing to create.
We are dedicated to our craft, craftsmanshipьand with an incredible trepidation refers to people who use our furniture.